#cvreadalong -- Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen

James and V's story line once again brushes with Noli's but doesn't quite intersect. (Must. Torture. Characters.) The guys arrive at the Vixen's Revenge while Noli and Jeff are out (not that V and James know Noli is aboard.) Vix punches V in the face, then gives him Rahel. Hattie, who's taken a shine to James, helps them find a ship to take them back to New York so they can return Rahel to her father and get the automaton. Only when they're aboard the ship do they discover from little Rahel that Noli was on the ship, too.

There's a lot of cake consumed in book 2, though I think there's more cake consumed in book 3. Kevighn continues to lie to Noli, however, he does bring her money for the artifacts, since the crew was counting on Brogan's money. Noli goes back to the ship and confronts Vix and Jeff about doing business with Otherworld folk.

Jeff proposes to Vix and they decide to go to Boston for Thanksgiving, partially to get away from Brogan, who they know will be unhappy about not getting his stolen items. However, nothing is that easy...

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Kate Tilton said...

Vix punching V was so perfect (even though I love V to pieces.) And I don't mind that Noli and V haven't met, I'm just glad that V got Rahel in time. :)