#cvreadalong -- Chapter Sixteen

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Chapter Sixteen

The Vixen's Revenge docks in San Francisco and Noli says goodbye to the little girls. She gives Rachel the redheaded doll that Jeff had won for her at the pier back in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Jeff is taking Noli with her on the "drop" as he goes to give the artifacts they've stolen to the buyer.

The dress Noli is wearing in this chapter (and she wears in other parts of the book) is based on this one.

They stopped selling it before CV released, which made me sad because I had wanted to buy it to wear for my launch party. 

Noli's bad-assery from the previous chapter stays with her. My favorite line in this chapter is "For your information, Jeffrey Cornelius Braddock, I don't 'have hysterics'. However, I do have a parasol and I know how to use it."   

When she realizes that Jeff and Vix are doing business with Brogan, V's nefarious uncle and current king of the earth court, she takes the artifacts and gives them to Kevighn and hits Jeff with the aforementioned parasol when he intervenes. Noli reveals what really happened when she went missing from Findlay House, complete with faeries and magic. 

Kevighn promises Noli that he'll dispose of the artifacts but he actually double crosses her and gives them to the dark king. Kevighn and Ciaran, the dark king, have a very long history. The dark king welcomes back the exiled Kevighn into the dark court, which he abandoned when he became huntsman after his sister's death. We also discover both the dark king and Brogan are separately trying to collect the pieces of the artifact, which is dangerous and powerful. 

Why do you think Noli still trusts Kevighn, after everything?  What about Noli's resolve to keep the artifacts out of Brogan's hands even if it means going against Vix's orders? 

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Kate Tilton said...

Love the dress and the quote you mentioned! It is a favorite of mine. :).

I really want to know more about the dark king and Kevighn's relationship, are they friends? More like brothers? Or something else?