#cvreadalong -- Chapter Ten

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Chapter Ten

This is another chapter I love. It's a continuation of Chapter Nine as we follow V and James who have found themselves in NYC without any money or supplies. 

The idea of having to bring the fluffy kitten to the club as payment was a product of twitter-sourcing. I asked twitter what you'd bring a Fae owner of a burlesque hall as a gift when you needed him to do you a favor...and that was one of the answers. I liked the imagery of James waking down the street with a kitten in his coat. 

Writing the burlesque hall, Mathias' Place, was also fun. This idea came about in the same cab ride as stranding V and James naked, and those two writers helped me with a little of what the club might look like, pulling from history and what places like that might be lie at the time. I also asked twitter, but when I asked "what would a steampunk burlesque hall look like" all I really got were tweets like "I don't know, but I want to go to one." So, I used my imagination to create what I think a place like that, run by one of the fae, might look like. Classy, but a place where V would be uncomfortable. 

We do see a lot of V being V on this adventure. He really is a fussy old bodger sometimes, isn't he?

James shrugged, tucking the kitten back into the coat and taking a drink. "You know what your problem is? You worry too much."
James' problem was that he didn't often worry at all.

I always like this exchange between the brothers, which highlights some of their differences.

My question about steampunk burlesque halls may not have brought forth many helpful suggestions, but did spurn a really interesting conversation on what it might be for the girls working at such a place, in a historical context. I make a point of saying that Mathias' girls want to be there and are paid, because of the historical human trafficking issues of the era (not that there aren't human trafficking issues in this era, either.) But more on that theme later. 

We also meet Mathias, who's quite the interesting character. He's acquainted with Quinn, V and James' tutor and is quite willing to help of James and V. I can tell you, we haven't see the last of Mathias or his club. 

What do you think of Mathias' Place? Where do you think V and James' adventure will go from here?

See you tomorrow! 

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