#cvreadalong -- Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Twelve

Remember when I mentioned the three storylines and how they'd cross? Well...in Chapter Twelve we catch up with Kevighn Silver, who's looking for a job. The Vixen's Revenge is looking for a crew member...

Just wait until Kevighn and Noli meet, though you'll have to wait for another chapter for that.

Meanwhile, the sprite has taken over, and is busy decorating the engine room with ribbons and painted flowers...in the middle of Noli's diagnostics and repairs. (I'm not actually sure where the idea for that came from.)  But it is an indicator of the Sprite's growing strength and how much focus and energy Noli has to have to keep the Sprite in check. After all, there's basically another person in her head, one with thoughts. feelings, and magic of her own.  

Even though Vix is Jeff's girlfriend, and even though he's first mate on the ship, we see how hard Jeff tries to protect his sister, and hide her oddities from the others, even though he has no idea what is actually happening.

Noli isn't human anymore, and she's earth court now, well, sort of. She's also on an airship, up in the air. This is why she does things like ask Jeff to buy her a plant or take her to the park. It's her new nature that seeks a connection with the earth.

I love the interaction between Jeff and Noli as they sneak into the garden and have a picnic--and their banter as they visit the museum.

The human trafficking theme starts to pick up here. As I mentioned earlier, this stemmed from a conversation on twitter. In the Victorian Era there weren't enough "joy-girls" (as Kevighn might say) to fill the demand so girls were abducted and brought to America to work in brothels.In 1910 a law was actually passed banning interstate transport of women for "immoral purposes." Unfortunately, human tracking is still a problem world-wide over a hundred years later.

For the purpose of the story I have air pirates helping with the abduction of women and girls, from not just elsewhere, but the United States as well. Vix and some of her air pirate friends, and some of the "women's equality movement" actively work against these particular air-pirates, since the law looks the other way. Who better to catch an air pirate than another air pirate?

Why do you suppose Jeff took Noli to the museum? Why did the symbols look familiar to Noli? 

Have a good weekend, and I hope you'll join us tomorrow for the next chapter!

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Kate Tilton said...

Poor Noli. I wish she could tell Jeff what was going on. :(