#cvreadalong -- Chapter Twenty-One

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Chapter Twenty-One

James and V take Noli back into the Otherworld in an attempt to save her life. Since they have business with Tiana to attend to--and want to hide Noli's presence from her--so they decide to put Noli inside a a tree to heal her. I'm not exactly sure where I got that idea (and I'm pretty sure it wasn't from twitter.) But in some ways it makes sense, after all, they're earth court. Also, that voice that talks to Noli...you haven't seen the last of her. 

The voice tells Noli the story of the artifact--exactly what it is, what it does, and why it probably shouldn't be reassembled. When I started writing this book I wasn't sure what the artifact was at first and as the story progressed I figured out that it was a staff (and even went back and added details in this book that seem superfluous right now, but will make sense in book three.)

Noli doesn't quite remember everything the voice tells her when V takes her out of the tree. V says my favorite line in the book as he tells Noli (finally) that she's a girl worth fighting for.

What was your favorite part of this chapter? The kiss? V figuring out how to get around Tiana and be with Noli? Something else?

See you tomorrow!

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Was that line in this chapter or the next one?..