#cvreadalong -- Chapter Twenty-Two

Tomorrow is the last official day of the #cvreadalong, but we're having catch-up until the 31st, when we finish everything up with a twitter chat at 6 pm PST on Thursday with #k8chat as we talk about read-alongs and all things Aether Chronicles.

Chapter Twenty-Two

This is a relatively short chapter. James, V, and Noli try to figure out what now? Now that the quest is over what do James and V do? Go back to LA? Stay in the Otherworld? 

And Noli? What about her? Her mother has gone to Boston, there's no home to go back to. She doesn't really want to rejoin the Vixen's Revenge. Not to mention she still harbors her dreams of going to a University...and there's a sprite in her head, which might make something like going to college difficult. 

Then there's the queen. V has found a loophole, but who knows what Tiana will think? It's a little rough when your mother is high queen and you can't defy her, even if she makes no sense. 

One thing these three know is that they need to research the artifact and decide that Quinn, back in Los Angeles will be their first stop for information. 

See you tomorrow for the last chapter and the epilogue!!

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Kate Tilton said...

Ah I can't believe the end is so close!