#cvreadalong -- Chapter Twenty

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Chapter Twenty

Kevighn returns briefly to his beloved cabin, and we discover who his sister had been in love with. (Did you see that one coming?)

Steven and James finally meet up with Noli, in Boston. However, Noli is so ill she's unconscious so V has to deal with big brother Jeff (And Vix, who hit him once and isn't afraid to hit him again.) 

The only cure V and James can think of is to take Noli back with them to the Otherworld, however they'll have to hide her presence from Queen Tiana....

What do you think happens next? 

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Kate Tilton said...

I can't wait to have you on #k8chat! It should be a lot of fun! :)

I think we found out a chapter or so ago about who Kevign's sister was in love with and I so didn't see it coming!

Who knows what will happen next!