#cvreadlong -- Chapter Five

Welcome back to the #cvreadalong.

Chapter Five

In Chapter Five V and James go off on their fools errand, aka their "quest." The idea of a quest invokes imagery of grand adventures, dangerous deeds, and chivalry.

In the Otherworld it's not uncommon for young men and women to go on quests, both to prove their bravery and for other reasons. It's such a part of their culture that there are rules regarding them. Questers have the right to ask for help from other Citizens of the Otherworld (who don't necessarily have to assist them, but many will do what they're able.) Others enjoy toying with questers. They can't actually "impede" their quest, but they certainly can make things difficult.

V and James make the decision to try to make it as mortals, since they don't want to attack attention. Of course, they didn't bring money and didn't really think things out, so we'll see how it goes...

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Kate Tilton said...

I love how the rules of the Otherworld are so bendable. All the terms like "impeed" can be interpreted differently. This should be fun.