#cvreadlong -- Chapter Six

We're now on Chapter Six of the #cvreadalong. If you get behind, it's okay! Also, remember, you can ask any and all questions about CHARMED VENGEANCE or any of the Aether Chronicles books using the hashtag #cvreadalong. You're not limited to the questions or chapters of the day.

Now on to today's chapter.

Chapter Six

One thing I really like about this book is that there are three separate storylines:

  1. James & V's quest
  2. Noli on the airship
  3. Kevighn drinking his way across the US
Eventually these storylines intersect. 

In chapter six Kevighn is looking for work. (I'm sure you can see where this is headed.)

Noli is now aboard the Vixen's Revenge. In this chapter we start to get to know the rest of the crew. We also see Noli at work--her brother "broke" breakfast and comes to her to fix it. Noli-the-problem solver, of course, comes to a solution, as she merges her ability to fix things, will the more domestic aspect of her life, which we seldom see. Noli's early "training" to be a "household general" ie. "lady of the house" shines through in some of these airship chapters as she steps up to fill in some of the gaps on the ship that make life more comfortable (mending, cooking) while still being the engineer. 

Also, there is a difference between a "lady" and a "woman" which is brought up in this chapter and in others. The men on the ship tend to think of Noli as a lady and Vix as a women. This sort of echos the Victorian line of thinking of class and societal positioning. Noli, of course, hardly thinks of herself as a lady, but it's interesting to see how others beyond V and James see her. 

Who's your favorite character on the ship? What does Noli stepping in to "fix breakfast" tell us about her character? What do you think of Jeff and Vix's relationship?

Tell me here or on twitter using #cvreadalong. See you tomorrow! 

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Kate Tilton said...

I have to say this chapter actually made me think more of Jeff and Noli's relationship. Although Jeff has been gone for so long they are still so close. And cheers to Noli for making gher place on the ship. (And I can't wait to see K on the ship with Noli, yessss!)