One Month Until FRAGILE DESTINY! Time for a giveaway...

FRAGILE DESTINY, book 3 in my Aether Chronicles Series releases in ONE MONTH! (8-8-14). Eeep. Destiny is coming! That means it's time for a pre-order giveaway! 

If you've pre-ordered FRAGILE DESTINY (or pre-order it before August 8th) just e-mail in your proof of purchase to aetherchroniclescontest@gmail and you'll receive a PDF of four short stories related to the Aether Chronicles world. Three have been previously available and one is exclusive! 

Everyone who pre-orders is eligible. The pre-ordered copy can be paper or e-book and pre-ordered online or in a store. Feel free to black out sensitive info, I just need to know you ordered it. (You can still find it online for as low at $6...) 

If you want a SIGNED copy-- order it from Vroman's and tell them you want me to sign it when I have my launch there on August 15th. Make sure you tell them who to sign it to. 

Thanks for supporting the Aether Chronicles Series. If you love Noli, V, Kevighn, and James please consider pre-ordering since it lets the publisher know you  want more! (Of course if you're waiting for one of my signings, that's okay, too.) 

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