DESTINY IS HERE! Fragile Destiny release day + Blog Stop #5

Launch the cupcake cannons! Today FRAGILE DESTINY releases!

I am so excited for you to read this book. There's so much in here that I had been wanting to write for *so long*. All the things start to come together. I really hope you enjoy it!

Part of me is a little sad, though. My dad was a  huge fan of the series. He used to read the love scenes outloud to my mom (I'd leave the room.) He shipped Kevighn and Noli hard. He had thoughts on all kinds of things (like the MoBats, in book 2). I turned in revisions on book 3 right before he died. He'd just gotten an e-reader so I was going to load the arc on it when they came out. Now, he'll never get to read book 3. I'll never get to hear what he thinks of certain scenes.

The book is dedicated to him and my niece Erika. Tomorrow, Erika would have been 24. She, too, was a huge fan. She's help me at my launch parties and was an avid reader. We lost her to Cystic Fibrosis a few months ago.

But I'm still excited to share this latest installment of James, V, Noli, and Kevighn's adventures. It's still ONLY $6 (both hard copy and e-book) on Amazon. $6, that's a coffee and pasty. It's also available at Barnes and Noble and Book Depository. If you want a SIGNED COPY order it from Vroman's and tell them you want me to sign it when I sign there on August 15th.

If' you're in Los Angeles, I'm signing at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena at 7 pm on August 15th. Steampunk costumes & fun hats encouraged. There will be cake!

Also, today I'm over at Bookish Things & More for stop #5 on the FRAGILE DESTINY blog tour!

Have a great weekend!

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