An Announcement!

So, I can finally announce the great news. I HAVE A NEW SERIES!

~launch bacon cupcake cannon~

I am super excited to announce that my New Adult Elfpunk series THE SECRET LIVES OF ROCKSTARS will be released from Leap's new imprint SHINE in Fall 2016. The story follows eighteen year old Bitsy Butler, the ringmaster of the Cirque Noir punk band The Freakshow, as she is forced to help an angel with his demon problem in order to prevent a war. There are sexy dragons, rockstars, surly angels, leprechaun assassins, fae mobsters, and a lot of running up and down a mountain in inappropriate footwear. Now, if only she actually knew how to catch a demon.

The full announcement is here.

Don't know what Elfpunk is? I explain it here. No, I didn't make it up, it's been a thing since the 80's.

This story takes place mostly in my hometown of Tempe, AZ, which was super fun for me. As a kid I spent a lot of time on Mill Ave., a main street of shops, restaurants, and movie theaters. Over the years it has changed: shops have come and go, buildings have appeared, but my fondness for it has remained the same. Riding my bike to the bookstore. Taking my babysitting money to buy candy. Going to the movies. Sitting on top A Mountain (a mountain with a large A on it.)

I've been writing this book for a long time. 2011 actually. And it's mutated. From trying to re-tell an adult story to YA. To being it's own YA. To becoming NA (New Adult). The characters have grown and changed. Chapters and subplots have appeared and disappeared. It didn't even have a title for the longest time. Really. I called it THE MANUSCRIPT THAT WON'T BE NAMED. Or simply called it the dragon book. (Yeah, this is it, the dragon book!)

It's New Adult, not young adult, meaning the protagonist is 18 and it focuses on those things you deal with as you are transitioning to adulthood. (Basically it's that "OMG, I'm an adult WTF do I do now" stage of life.) It's still tons of fun, with lots of explosions, bacon, cupcakes, and maybe a kiss or two.

While it's not Steampunk, Bitsy is a Steampunk, and spends a lot of time trying to accomplish her task in a corset and crazy boots with her crossbow and broadsword. She also has no idea how to dress for July in Arizona.

I can't wait to share this book with you and I know you'll love Bitsy, Aiden, Jules, Eric, and all the others in this world. So pull on your kick ass boots, lace up your corset, and grab your crossbow and some bacon, it's going to be quite the ride.

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