Making NaNoWriMo Work For You!

NaNoWriMo starts today. Here's the story about how I sold my 2009 NaNo book.

The pressure of trying to write 50k in a month isn't for everyone. A lot of people chip away at a book, like I did when I accidentally wrote a novel. (Which is actually THE SECRET LIVES OF ROCKSTARS, coming to you 9/16.) And that's okay. Everyone has a different process. As writers we need to figure out what works for us as individuals.

The energy during NaNo is inspiring. Why not make it work for you -- weather you're going to start a new project, finish one you have, chip away on your WIP. Or even get those edits done.

Yes. I've just encouraged you to be big fat NaNo cheaters.

I "cheated" with INNOCENT DARKNESS. I had 30k, but I wrote 66k in 3 weeks because of all that NaNo energy. The fact that I had words already doesn't negate the hard work I did, the hours I spent slogging away and doing sprints--and sitting in the corner writing 8k on Thanksgiving. Believe me, it was better this way...

Not everyone is in a place to start a fresh new manuscript for NaNo, and for some, maybe your goal isn't 50k, but to edit, or to write 20k or 100 pages.

That doesn't make your goal less worthy, it makes me want to give you props for figuring out what works for you and going for it.'s the deal. I challenge you to make NaNo work for you.

I'm going to do the same. Personally, I'm using it as NaNoFinMo on two projects. The first is a project I'm writing for a friend for her birthday. The other project I started two NaNoWriMos ago and still haven't finished due to deadlines, edits, work, life, and other such things.

Even if I don't finish it, I'll have more words than I started with.

I encourage use to use NaNo to edit that project, finish it, or even do NaNoSloMo, which is half-Nano (about 800 words a day instead of 1600).

Are you game? Good luck, and write on!

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