I am so excited to show you the cover for THE SECRET LIVES OF ROCKSTARS (part one), which releases from Shine on 9/26/16. The story will be released in e-book form in two parts. You can pre-order part one now. It's only $1.99. Print and audio will follow, I'll keep you posted.

Great cover, right?

It's Elfpunk, which is similar to Urban Fantasy. While it's not steampunk, Bitsy is a steampunk. She's the ringmaster of a cirque noir punk band and has really great shoes. Though four in heels aren't always the best for running up and down mountains or chasing demons...

Eric, my dragon shifter, or drakken, as I call them, was another fun character to write. He helps Bitsy with her task, though she really doesn't want his help.

FYI, this books is listed as New Adult, since the characters are 18. There's a little romance, but no sexytimes; she's too busy saving the world. There is drinking, swearing, mayhem, and one of the characters is an incubus.

Stay tuned for contests and release day fun. I hope you love my rockstars, dragon shifter, and other characters, as much as I do!

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