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FRAGILE DESTINY blog tour stop #9 -- come ask me questions, win stuff

It's stop #9 on the FRAGILE DESTINY blog tour. I'm over at Bitten By Books. There's an interview with Queen Tiana. Also, ALL DAY TODAY I will be answering questions (Tiana may as well). Stop by, chat, ask questions, and enter to win a $25 GC.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

DESTINY IS HERE! Fragile Destiny release day + Blog Stop #5

Launch the cupcake cannons! Today FRAGILE DESTINY releases!

I am so excited for you to read this book. There's so much in here that I had been wanting to write for *so long*. All the things start to come together. I really hope you enjoy it!

Part of me is a little sad, though. My dad was a  huge fan of the series. He used to read the love scenes outloud to my mom (I'd leave the room.) He shipped Kevighn and Noli hard. He had thoughts on all kinds of things (like the MoBats, in book 2). I turned in revisions on book 3 right before he died. He'd just gotten an e-reader so I was going to load the arc on it when they came out. Now, he'll never get to read book 3. I'll never get to hear what he thinks of certain scenes.

The book is dedicated to him and my niece Erika. Tomorrow, Erika would have been 24. She, too, was a huge fan. She's help me at my launch parties and was an avid reader. We lost her to Cystic Fibrosis a few months ago.

But I'm still excited to share this latest installment of James, V, Noli, and Kevighn's adventures. It's still ONLY $6 (both hard copy and e-book) on Amazon. $6, that's a coffee and pasty. It's also available at Barnes and Noble and Book Depository. If you want a SIGNED COPY order it from Vroman's and tell them you want me to sign it when I sign there on August 15th.

If' you're in Los Angeles, I'm signing at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena at 7 pm on August 15th. Steampunk costumes & fun hats encouraged. There will be cake!

Also, today I'm over at Bookish Things & More for stop #5 on the FRAGILE DESTINY blog tour!

Have a great weekend!

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It's all about CAKE -- Blog Tour Stop #3

Today I'm over at The Attic Reviews for stop #3 of the FRAGILE DESTINY blog tour.  Today I'm talking about cake, and Noli and the gang. Because they eat a lot of cake. Come tell me what sort of cake you like.

Also, FRAGILE DESTINY is already shipping/downloading from some places. Also, it's still only $6 on Amazon, for both the paper copy or the e-book. GO GET IT! The pre-order giveaway still applies until Friday. Details here.

Don’t forget to check out all the other stops!

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Fragile Destiny Blog Tour Stop #2

Today I'm at Page Turners talking about the search for Noli's dad -- also there's a little interview with Mrs. Braddock, Noli's mom. Come say hello!

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FRAGILE DESTINY Blog Tour, Stop #1

Today is the very first stop of the Fragile Destiny Blog Tour!

I'm visiting What the Cat Read. Come stop by and say hello. I'm talking about POV and a little about the newest addition to the Aether Chronicles, Elise Darrow. 

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FRAGILE DESTINY -- Five days and Counting

Destiny is coming! FRAGILE DESTINY releases *this Friday* -- 8/8/14!

Here's a little teaser.

Also, it's not too late to pre-order and get the pdf of stories (which should be going out in the next day or two.)

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lookie, Lookie....

Eeeep. Look what I got, my first copy of FRAGILE DESTINY, which releases 8-8-14. Isn't it pretty?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#cvreadalong -- Chapter 23 + Epilogue

It's the very last chapter of the #cvreadalong! You've got a couple of days to catch up if you're behind. We're closing the read-along with a chat on Thursday, July 31st at 6 pm PST on twitter as part of #k8chat where we're taking read-alongs and all things Aether Chronicles.

Chapter Twenty-Three

Kevighn leaves for Los Angeles to do what he (thinks) he does best -- lure girls to the Otherworld. Only this time the girl he has his sights set on is Elise, James and V's sister, and Kevighn doesn't want to kill her, he wants to steal her for the dark king. 

Instead of finding her, Kevighn is the first one to stumble upon the scene of the crime. Being Keivhgn., he cares little for this,steals what he needs and leaves in search of Elise. 

(For those of you who have no idea what Kevighn left in V's room, it involves excrement. Yeah, infantile and gross. Then again, Keivghn isn't always the most mature.) 

Meanwhile, not missing Kevighn by much, James, V, and Noli arrive in LA to a horrible scene. Elise and Quinn are gone and Mr. Darrow has been killed by Brogan's men. Most likely as either a ploy to have V challenge him, so Brogan can kill him without actually having to go kill him, or for the revenge he swore he'd get on Noli for taking the artifact. 

Mr. Darrow's death means V is now the head of the family, a role he takes seriously. Just like the chapter closed on Noli's life in LA at the beginning of the book, the book now closes on V's life in LA as well. 


V, Noli, and James return to the Otherworld and bury Mr. Darrow at the Big House, by the faery tree in the center of the maze.  

They decide that they will journey to the earth court palace and V will challenge Brogan to a duel over the death of V's father. Noli makes her own vow--to make Brogan pay. Because no one messes with those Noli loves. No one.

So...what was your favorite parts of the end? Did everything wrap up the way you expected? Was something you were expecting left unresolved? Tell me here or on twitter at #cvreadalong.