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Arm the cupcake cannons, the rockstars have arrived!

It's the release day for part one of THE SECRET LIVES OF ROCKSTARS! As you know, I'm really excited about this book. It's an elfpunk set in my hometown of Tempe, AZ.


Have you gotten your copy yet? It's only $1.99.   (Yes, there will eventually be a print copy and an audio book. If you're waiting for these, would you please share the e-book link with your e-book living friends while you wait? A certain amount of e-books has to sell before the print copy kicks in.) Thanks to everyone who's already ordered their copy, I really appreciate it!


Eighteen-year-old Bitsy Butler has never quite fit in, not with the dragons who raised her, the druid who took her in, or even with the non-human members of the cirque noir punk band she thinks of as family. Her chance to prove she can make it on her own comes with her band's first big solo tour. It’s all going according to plan when an angel walks into a bar and demands help with his demon problem.

If she doesn't step up, a magical war will break out, threatening Arizona and all those who call it home. With the help of a human, a sexy dragon, and the members of her band, Bitsy must stop an angry mob of chaos demons before the band leaves for their next tour stop.

It’s nice to be needed, but Bitsy has no idea how to defeat the demons and she just might get herself killed trying. But then, at least one problem would be solved...

Fitting in doesn’t matter if you’re dead.

I've got a couple of fun release events that everyone can attend!

Join me tonight at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST for a release party on Facebook. I've never done one of these before, so please stop by for a moment so I'm not talking to myself. There will be lots of prizes.

On October 3rd I'll be over at the YA Writers Reddit to do an AMA (ask me anything.) I've never done one of these, either, so if you have a moment please stop by and ask me something. I'll be there all day.

I'm participating in the YA Scavenger hunt October 4-9th. I'm on team orange. Join us for tons of prizes.  

Also, I'm having a giveaway. You should enter.

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One Week Until the Rockstars Come!!!

THE SECRET LIVES OF ROCKSTARS (book 1) releases in ONE WEEK! (September 26, 2016)  Who's excited? I can't wait for you to meet Bitsy and her cirque noir punk band, The Freakshow.

Please join me on facebook on September 26th at 5 pm PST for a release party with lots of fun and prizes.


I am so excited to show you the cover for THE SECRET LIVES OF ROCKSTARS (part one), which releases from Shine on 9/26/16. The story will be released in e-book form in two parts. You can pre-order part one now. It's only $1.99. Print and audio will follow, I'll keep you posted.

Great cover, right?

It's Elfpunk, which is similar to Urban Fantasy. While it's not steampunk, Bitsy is a steampunk. She's the ringmaster of a cirque noir punk band and has really great shoes. Though four in heels aren't always the best for running up and down mountains or chasing demons...

Eric, my dragon shifter, or drakken, as I call them, was another fun character to write. He helps Bitsy with her task, though she really doesn't want his help.

FYI, this books is listed as New Adult, since the characters are 18. There's a little romance, but no sexytimes; she's too busy saving the world. There is drinking, swearing, mayhem, and one of the characters is an incubus.

Stay tuned for contests and release day fun. I hope you love my rockstars, dragon shifter, and other characters, as much as I do!

Pre-order link for THE SECRET LIVES OF ROCKSTARS is live!

Psstt...the pre-order link for the e-book of THE SECRET LIVES OF ROCKSTARS (part one) is up. It's only $1.99 

Just so you know, this is part 1 of 2 -- about 40k or 1/2 a book. There will be a print version. I'll keep you posted. 

I can't wait for you to meet Bitsy, Jules, Eric, Phil, Matt, and Aiden.

THE SECRET LIVES OF ROCKSTARS cover reveal signups!

THE SECRET LIVES OF ROCKSTARS (part 1), has a cover! You'll get to see it very soon.

I am so excited for you to read my elfpunk story for many reasons including a) elfpunk! and b) it takes place in my hometown of Tempe, Arizona. There's dragons, demon hunting rockstars, surly angels, mayhem, and magic.

If you're a blogger and would like to help with the cover reveal, sign up here. There's a place to request a review copy, too.

The cover is epic and I can't wait for you to meet these new characters.

B Fest -- June 11 & 12

Barnes & Noble is having a huge YA weekend, June 10-12, 2016.

I will be doing 2 events.

Sat, June 11, 3 pm. Barnes & Noble, Burbank CA
Come color with me. I'll have steampunk coloring sheets and fun things. There may be treats for those who come in steampunk costume. :)

Sun, June 12, 2 pm Bookstar, Studio City, CA
I'll be on an awesome fantasy-themed panel. Costumes welcome.

Steampunk Mini-Con--Feb 27, Tempe AZ

If you live in the Phoenix Area, I'll be part of an amazing, fun, free, and family friendly event at AUS as part of their "Night of the Open Door" on Feb 27, 2016 at the Tempe Campus.

There will be a costume contest (with prizes) and there will be fun things going on both at the mini-con and across campus.

Did I mention it was free? And there are prizes?

Register here (it doesn't obligate you to come, it's more for a head-count).

Hope to see you there!

The Twelve Days of Christmas...Steampunk Style

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

12 Air Pirates

11 Painted Ladies

10 Clock Hands

9 Ray Guns

8 Pairs Brass Goggles

7 Aviator Caps

6 Cogs and Gears

5 Mad Scientists

4 Flying Cars

3 Top Hats

2 Pretty Corsets

And an Airship in a Pear Tree!

A Steampunk Night Before Christmas

Merry Christmas, Everyone.

A Steampunk Night Before Christmas

© 2009 Suzanne Lazear

‘Twas the night before Christmas and the whole ship was quiet,
Too quiet for the likes of this seasoned air pirate.

The airship was festooned with frippery and green,
With nary a brass polished surface to be seen.

Their stocking were hung by the crow’s nest with pride,
Along with homemade cookies and rum for Santa to imbibe.

I didn’t have the heart to tell the crew.
That Santa wouldn’t approve of what we do.

Sure, we stole from the rich, and gave to the needy.
But he’d probably think taking a cut was too greedy.

It didn’t matter that they had hearts of gold,
Only that it was stolen goods we bought and sold.

Suddenly portside there arose such a clatter,
That I grabbed my spyglass to see what was the matter.

The deck became filled with curious crew,
As I climbed the rigging for a better view.

The sky that had moments before been silent,
Had erupted with a commotion both grievous and violent.

The black ship portside was one that even we dread,
And it looked as if it were attacking a small red sled,

Driven by a fat guy and flying brown deer,
I polished the spyglass to ensure my vision was clear.

“Dread Pirate Fred’s attacking Santa, let’s help him, quick,”
Shouted my trusty first mate old Salty Nick.

What could I do but help out the sled,
“Come on, crew, let’s teach a lesson to Fred.”

I climbed down the rigging.
“There are cannons to load,
Christmas to save,
And pirates to goad.
Let’s kick up our speed,
And give up a fight.
Even we know
Robbing Santa just isn’t right.”

With a cheer, I manned the helm, going full speed ahead,
Nick loading our cannons to aim at the Dread Pirate Fred.

“Don’t worry Santa, help will arrive,
Salty Nick, man the cannons, prepare to take a dive.”

We flew through the air quickly, with all our might,
Fred’s crew had the sleigh on board, a terrible sight

Santa looked frightened, a gun to his head,
“Give me those presents,” growled the Dread Pirate Fred.

Even the reindeer had been rendered immobile,
By a few of Fred’s men in a black dirigible.

Santa shook his head, “If you take them, they will be missed.
Certainly, you all shall make my permanent naughty list.”

“I don’t care,” the pirate growled,
“We just want those gifts,” his crew avowed.

“Unhand those presents,” I called, dashing through the air
The cannons fired, aimed only to scare.

The reindeer bucked, trying to get free,
Fred sneered, “Captain Sno, you don’t scare me.”

Quickly, we secured Fred’s ship and dastardly crew,
But Fred still had Santa—there was only one thing to do.

Fred and I grappled across the deck, precariously,
Nick making sure Santa and the reindeer went free,

“You can’t rob Santa, it’s just not right,”
I yelled as I punched Fred when he put up a fight.

“Now, now, cease that,” Santa said,
Causing me to stop punching Dread Fred.

“Now Dread Pirate Fred, trying to steal presents in wrong,
but Captain Sno, punching him won’t stop him for long.

Christmas is about sharing and caring, not fighting and stealing,
and doing what’s right, not wheeling and dealing.”

Fred and I looked at each other, hanging our heads in shame.
The jolly old man had a good handle on our game.

Both crews made sure the gifts all went back
Into Santa’s giant red velvet sack.

Cook fed the reindeer carrots, and Santa cherry pie
I looked at the Dread Pirate Fred and gave a sigh.

“Why did you do that? That’s low even for you,
to attack Santa and take his presents on Christmas Eve, too.”

“Those presents would fetch prices that are sky high.”
But the look on Fred’s face told me that was a lie.

“There are better ways of getting a present from Santa’s sack,
then trapping the reindeer and staging an attack.”

“You’re one to talk,” Fred replied.
Nodding slowing, I looked at my crew, and again I sighed.

“I’m afraid, Santa, neither Fred nor I have been good this year,
but please, don’t forget our crew, they could use some cheer.

They don’t meant to be bad; they’re just following orders
They’re good men at heart, not drunkards and cavorters.”

Santa said, “Thank you captain, for rescuing me,
I think I my sleigh might hold an extra present or three.

You too,” he added to Dread Pirate Fred.
I shook my head. Was that what he actually said?

“Fred and his crew tried to steal your gifts to sell,
now you’re giving them presents as if all were well?”

Santa winked. “Now, Sno, remember what Christmas is all about.”
Getting in his sleigh, he gave his reindeer a shout.

“Just try to stay off the naughty list, the both of you, from now on.
Now, I have to be off, to get these delivered before dawn.”

Both crews looked up, as Santa took off.
“Merry Christmas, Santa,” my voice went soft.

With a wink of his eye, and a flick of his hand,
Presents flew out of his sleigh; onto the deck they did land.

“Thank you, Santa,” the crews did shout.
“There’s not one for me,” Dread Fred did pout.

“All I’ve ever wanted is a present from Santa, just one.”
I scoffed. “But not enough to stop having all your plundering fun.”

“Stop it you two,” Santa added with a call.
“But I didn’t forget you either, no, not at all.”

Two more presents floated down from the sky.
Turning mine over in my hands I looked up. “But why?”

Santa just smiled. “Just remember what I said.
And for once, Sno, can you stop plaguing Fred?”

With a hearty laugh, the sled flew through the sky,
Both crews waving, tears in their eyes.

“A present for me?” Fred’s eyes gleamed.
I knew deep down, he wasn’t as dreadful as he seemed.

Taking a box from my pocket, I said, “And there’s another.”
Giving it to him, I smiled. “Merry Christmas, brother.

I’m sorry I plague you, but it’s so much fun.
Let’s make next year a much better one.”

Nodding, Fred said, “For once, Sno, you’re right.
I think this should be the last time we fight.”

Santa sped by, doing one last turn.
“I hope there’s a lesson tonight you all learned.

Merry Christmas to you, and remember my lads,
no one says air pirates 
have to be bad.”